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Stop doing everything manually! Save time and money.

Discord automation software. Spammer for sending messages, promotion and promotion of Discord servers, invite bot, parser, autoresponder and account generator.

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Works on Windows and Mac OS
Features of One Dash
High performance
High performance
The program quickly implements any tasks for working in Discord.
Flexible configuration
Flexible configuration
Software will adapt to you.
Full documentation
Full documentation
Right in the application there is a guide to all the nuances when working with Discord.
Nice updates
Nice updates
New features are regularly updated and implemented in the application for more comfortable work.
Who is One Dash for?
Owners of their own servers

Owners of their own servers

Owners of their own servers

SMM specialists

Advertising agencies

Advertising agencies

Traffic arbitration specialists

Traffic arbitration specialists

Owners of Internet projects

Owners of Internet projects

Business of all sizes

Business of all sizes

What can One Dash do?

To find the right audience, you can use our high-speed user parser:
- collecting all users of any server takes UP TO 1 MINUTE
- multithreaded mode: parsing several servers simultaneously
- all kinds of filters are available: user status (online, out of place, do not disturb, offline), user device (Web, Mobile, Desktop), user activity, voice chat participant, Shared server filter, checking of certain roles, checking of default avatars, date of connection to the server, date of user registration
- after parsing is created list of users that can be edited, merged, randomized export, export

By creating a list of users, you can send messages:
- multithreaded mode is available, speed is 300+ messages per minute
- sending up to 10 files (with spoiler function)
- automatic account change: you specify the required number of messages and the software sends from these accounts, alternately changing them
- auto-response: when receiving messages from users, software sends a message with a specific timeout. You can also customize scripts for your answers.
- adding users to friends - before sending messages the program throws a request to friends
- black list: after successful sending a message, the user will be added to the blacklist application that can be edited
- the message text can be changed be right during the spamming, there is support for randomization
High-speed server spammer with the function of verification accounts, deletion sent messages and mass mention of users.
Stop, pause, view logs, and much more you can take advantage of dispatch.

In order to fill your Discord server with participants and revitalize it, you can use a reliable invitee:
- the invitee works in multithread, speed - 12+ accounts per second
- 2 operating modes: join/leave from servers
- up to 100 servers can be invited per account

Accounts for work
To perform the above actions, you need at least 1 Discord account.
The program also provides a convenient storage for accounts:
- adding accounts does not take much time, you specify email and password, if any - token. You can add up to 1000 accounts
- for maximum speed, the software uses tokens, which it receives automatically
- resume session: the software logs into your Discord account using his data
- mass account management: change of usernames and avatars (selection of random images/usernames from the specified, speed - 10+ accounts per second)
- all accounts can be exported in a convenient format

Account Creator
If you are tired of creating accounts manually/buying them, we strongly recommend using our quick registrar:
- the registrar can work in 50+ streams without any load on the PC
- phone and mail verification
- solution captcha occurs through rucaptcha, 2captcha, anti-captcha, cap monster, xevil,, deathbycaptcha,
- Socks/Http proxies (receiving free proxies)
- saving tokens
- inviting to servers
- account restriction
- avatar download function: one of the specified files is randomly selected and installed on
egistriruemy account - provided for the convenience of random generation email and
yuzerneym * the registrar is sold separately, contact details.

- there is a dark theme in applications, for more comfortable work
- support for http/socks proxy
- software has an English version

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Main Tool
Main Tool
Account Generator
Account Generator
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Have questions?
Find answers in F.A.Q:

Can I use the program on a VPS/virtual machine?

What do I need to work with software?
At least one working Discord account.

Can I use software to cheat participants on the server?
Yes, you can use our inviter.

What numbers are used to register accounts?
Numbers of Latvia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Finland, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, Poland, Kyrgyzstan and Sweden.

Can I use only the email and password from the account?
Yes, the software itself will receive a token.

How much does the program load the PC, can I use a computer in parallel?
The program does not give much load on the PC, so you can safely do your own business while the software is running.

Does the software do timeouts when the account is temporarily locked?
Yes, you can specify a timeout from 30 seconds to 15 minutes.

Is there text randomization support?
Yes: "{hello|hi}" - with this message text, either "hello" or "hi" will be sent randomly.

When spamming users, does the program invite accounts to the correct server?
Yes, when starting any spam, the program will invite all accounts to the necessary servers.

What is meant by a blacklist?
List of users who will be skipped during spam.

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What are the limits in Discord?
How much is 1 message worth?
If you register accounts yourself, through software, then 1 account costs about 0.013-0.02 usd (without proxies).
Limitations for 1 Discord account (new account):
Spam with link/without link - 10-20 messages (~$0.0016)
Maximum number of server join: 100 servers (~$0.0002)
The optimal delay for mailing is 3-7 seconds.
For 2 accounts, we recommend using 1 proxy for spam/parsing/invite and other.
You can also buy ready-made accounts from us for $0.07